EVOSAW1857-1/4” Steel Cutting Chop Saw


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7-1/4” Steel Cutting Chop Saw

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  • No Heat, No Burrs & Virtually No Sparks
  • No Coolant Required
  • Pressed Steel Base
  • 10A Powerful High Torque Motor
  • 2 x 4” Cross Cut Capacity
  • 2 x 2” Square Tube Capacity
  • 2”Ø Round Tube Capacity
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty
  • Quick Release 0° - 45° Adjustable Vise


The EVOSAW185 easily cuts mild steel without heat or burrs and virtually no sparks. The quick release adjustable vise allows for fast and accurate angle cuts from 0-45˚. Ideal for cutting steel plate, square tube, angle iron, pipe, rebar, copper pipe, conduit and steel studs.

7-1/4” speciality blades are available for cutting thin steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood & masonry. See below in related items for more info.

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  • US 120v: 081-0004

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Ideal for cutting steel plate, square tube, angle iron, pipe, rebar, copper pipe, conduit and steel studs.
Virtually no sparks


Quicker, safer, more accurate & economical than an abrasive saw! When cutting steel, the material has an instantly workable finish. Virtually no heat, burrs or sparks are created, unlike inherently dangerous abrasive saws (shown above).


Fast action swivel vise with quick release enables cuts to be made from 0-45˚.


Cut Steel, Stainless Steel, Thin Steel and Aluminium with the optional blades available! The combination of an Evolution saw and blade is the ultimate in cutting technology.
Rectangle Tube Cut (0° x 0°) 2” x 4”
Rectangle Tube Cut (0° x 45°) 2” x 2”
Square Tube Cut (0° x 0°) 2” 2
Square Tube Cut (0° x 45°) 2” 2
Round Tube Cut (0° x 0°) 2” Ø
Round Tube Cut (0° x 45°) 2” Ø
Mild Steel Plate - Max. Thickness 1/4"
Mild Steel Box Section - Max. Wall Thickness 1/8"
Minimum Cut Off Piece Length 1/2"
Motor (120V ~ 60 Hz) 10A
Speed No Load 4200rpm
Weight 23lbs
Max. Angle Cut 45°
Cable Length 6 - 9/16ft
Sound Pressure LPA (Under Load) 93dB(A)
Sound Power Level LWA (Under Load) 106dB(A)
Vibration Level (Under Load) 4.5 m/s2
K=1.5 m/s2
  7 1/4" Steel Cutting Blade
  Instruction Manual
  3mm (Upper Blade Guard) Allen Key
  5mm (Blade Change) Allen Key
  6mm (Vise Adjustment) Allen Key
  Replacement Carbon Brushes
  Dust Port


7-1/4” Mild Steel Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
7-1/4” 5800rpm 25/32” .078” 40

7-1/4” Mild Steel Blade
with Diamond Knock Out

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
7-1/4” 5800rpm 25/32” .078” 40

7-1/2” Mild Steel Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
7-1/2” 5800rpm 25/32” .078” 40

7-1/4 In. Wood Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
7-1/4” 5800rpm 25/32” 1/16” 18

7-1/4 In. Wood Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
7-1/4” 5800rpm 25/32” 1/16” 18

7-1/4 In. Diamond Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: Rim:
7-1/4" 8000rpm 25/32" 3/32" Turbo Segmented

Click on the question to see the answer.
What are the main differences between the Evolution Steel and Evolution Build machines?
Evolution's blue range power tools are designed for commercial and industrial steel use and are suitable for cutting thicker Steels, Stainless Steels, Thin Steels, Aluminiums and Wood with the optional blades available. The combination of an Evolution steel saw and blade is the premium performance in metal cutting technology.
Evolution's orange range power tools are optimised for professional trade construction. They are well specified machines with a wide range of operational features and are designed and engineered for sustained and regular use.
What materials can this saw cut?
When fitted with an Evolution Speciality Carbide-tipped blade this machine can be used to cut: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Wood.
• Steel & Thin Steel: Material applications include square tube, angle iron, mild steel plate, pipe, tube and other ferrous metals.
• Stainless Steel: Material applications include square tube, angle iron, stainless steel plate, diamond plate, pipe and tube.
• Aluminium and other non-ferrous metals: Material applications include grating, extrusions, pipe and tube.
• Wood: The high-grade carbide tooth configuration enables fast efficient cutting and increased durability.
Please read all safety warnings and instructions in the operator’s manual included with the machine.
Can you fit a diamond blade?
Yes, for dry cutting only. This machine will then cut stone, concrete & brick.
How do I safely cut steel and prolong blade-life?
Please use the clamp securely as this prevents vibration which reduces blade-life. For more tips on prolonging blade-life, please watch this short video.
What is the correct cutting technique?
Don’t push down like a hot saw/abrasive wheel or fiber disc (which cut on speed/friction) as this will reduce blade-life and break/throw teeth. Evolution saws spin at a reduced optimum RPM with hi-torque.

Carefully push down and let the blade do the work chipping at the material. The weight of your hand is all you need.

Start up at full RPM and go all the way through and then back out the other side, at the max speed the blade runs true. Doing this each cut, you will have no issues when cutting mild steel. Use Evolution's specialty blades when cutting stainless steel, aluminum, thin steel or wood.
Are the images of the saw cutting steel without sparks real, or is it just camera trickery?
We can assure you they are 100% authentic. It really does hit home just how incredible the combination of an Evolution Steel saw and speciality blade is the ultimate in steel cutting technology when you see the fast, precise, burr-free cold-cuts without heat, sparks or grinding reworks required.
How does the saw work?
The saw is built with a rugged construction and has a hi-torque gearbox and blade system, which increases motor and blade-life. An optimum RPM speed ‘chips’ away at metals to reduce chatter and wear which provides a superior cut on any type of material. This displaces heat unlike abrasive cutting, leaving a clean-cut ready for you to weld.
Where is the serial number located?
The serial number can be found on the motor housing of the machine. 
Where is the batch code for my machine?
The batch code is the first part of the serial number, found on the motor housing of the machine. Evolution serial numbers begin with the abbreviation of the machine followed by a letter. A = January, B = February and so on. The following 2 numbers are the year of manufacture. 09 = 2009, 10 = 2010, etc
Does the saw come with a blade in the price?
Yes, this is supplied fitted to the saw.
Why is the arbor different?
To deter people from fitting abrasive discs as the motor RPM is incorrect and this would be dangerous.
Can you fit an abrasive disc or vice versa?
No, the motor RPM is incorrect for abrasive discs and it would be dangerous to attempt it. Also Evolution blades are not designed to run at the high RPM, so it would be beyond the safety specifications of the blade and dangerous to try Evolution blades on an abrasive cut-off saw likewise.
Can a dust extraction be fitted?
A dust extraction cannot be fitted to this machine. Please use PPE.
What is covered by the 3 year warranty?
Information can be found at Evolution Warranty page.

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