What are the main differences between RAGE and FURY Machines?

Evolution Build - Professional Range

RAGE machines are optimised for the professional / serious DIY user. They are well specified machines with a wide range of operational features and are designed and engineered for sustained and regular use. RAGE blades are optimised for higher performance, last-longer and have more teeth for a cleaner cut. They also are capable of cutting more Steel before a replacement is required.

Evolution Project - DIY Range

FURY machines are optimised for the DIY market where moderate / irregular use is expected. These machines offer the DIYer many of the facilities found on more expensive machines at a very competitive price. Evolution Project offers an innovative multipurpose TCT saw range which cuts Steel, Aluminium & Wood, all with a single blade! Including circular saws, cut off saws, mitre saws, table saws and a variety of other power tools, perfect for the home workshop.


Is the FURY available in a 110v version?

A. No this machine is not recommended for heavy duty site work, but if you do want to use an Evolution multipurpose saw on site you need to use a 110v RAGE-B saw.


Can I use any brand of blade on a FURY saw?

A. Yes, if it is just to cut wood, as standard blades are not designed to chip through materials such as steel and aluminium.


Where can I buy replacement blades for my FURY saw?

A. B&Q, Machine Mart and Northern Tool and Equipment are the main stockists but other smaller independents and online shops do stock this item.


Can I use a FURY blade on any other brands of saw?

A. Yes, if it is only to cut wood as other brand saws run at a faster RPM and don't have a strong enough gear box to take the shock load of going through steel and aluminium.


Are the images of a FURY® saw cutting wood with nails real, or is it just camera trickery?

A. We can assure you they are 100% authentic. It really does hit home just how hard-wearing these saws are when you witness them easily cutting wood filled with nails, they are perfect for anybody dealing with reclaimed timber.

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