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Can you fit wood blades?

A. Yes if the blade specifications are 185mm in diameter, 20mm Bore, Max 2.4mm Kerf, No. of Teeth is optional.


Can you fit a diamond blade?

A. Yes if the blade spec is 185mm in diameter, 20mm Bore, Max 2.5mm Kerf, Dry cutting.


Can it cut stainless steel or cast iron?

A. No. Use only on mild steels.


Can a dust bag be fitted?

A. Dust bags cannot be fitted, but this machine has its own collection box.


Can a dust extraction be fitted?

A. A dust extraction cannot be fitted.


Where can I find the cutting capacities?

A. See specification page in the operator's manual.

B. Go to product webpage.


Is there a table attachment for this machine?

A. No.


Why is a riving knife fitted?

A. To reduce the chance of kick-back.


Can the saw plunge cut?

A. No. The machine is fitted with a riving knife and also there is no guard return lever.


The motor is shutting down under load.

A. Check the blade for damage or excessive ware.

B. If tripping very frequently and blade is not damaged:

A. Replace / reset overload switch.

B. Replace overload switch.


There is flashing, sparking or popping from the rear of the motor housing.

A. Check the carbon brushes are not sticking first.

B. Check for damage to the armature commutate or brush holder.

A. Remove and clean the brushes with a dry cloth, also clean the brush holder.

B. Replace damaged parts.


The saw is not cutting straight.

A. Check all adjusting knobs are tight.

B. Check base is parallel to blade.

C. Check for damage to blade.

B. If base is not parallel to blade, it may require replacement.

C. Replace the blade.


I am looking to cut profile sheeting can the RAGE® circular saw perform this task?

A. Yes, the RAGE ciruclar saw is capable of cutting profile sheeting. Consider the depth of profile of the sheeting though, the RAGE has a maximum cutting depth of 55mm. Also the material the sheet is made from as again the max thickness of steel is 6mm.


Is the RAGE® avilable in a 110v version, as its illegal to use 240v on site?

A. We supply 110v units for site work and is available at most stockists for the same price as the 240v.


Can the RAGE® circular saw cut stainless steel sheet, if so up to what thickness?

A. Stainless has always been a very difficult material to cut, with so many different grades it is impossible to say how much anything will cut. The RAGE multipurpose blade was not manufactured with stainless in mind; therefore we make no claims as to how much it would cut. That said we have heard of customers using the RAGE on thinner stainless plate with some success, but it will greatly reduce the life of the blade. We do have a stainless capable blade in our steel range that will fit the RAGE saw, but this is more expensive and is still only classed as 'stainless capable'.


Will the blade work on a Makita worm drive which runs at 4500 rpm?

A. The maximum speed rating for our blade is 3500rpm, therefore we would not recommend fitting to other circular saws. Steel cutting is very difficult and we would only recommend using a machine that is designed for this use. Normal wood cutting saws are not designed to take the rigors of steel cutting nor do they have sufficient guarding in place. Cutting steel with a machine designed for anything less could easily result in the machine gearbox failing and at even worse a possible injury to the user.


Does the Evolution RAGE® saw require any service and lubrication?

A. It is recommended to have the RAGE saw inspected and serviced every 12 months at a local power tool servce centre, at which point the gearbox would be re-greased if required. See instructions for further details service guidelines. Under normal everyday use it is advisable to regularly *clean the saw ensuring there are no obstructions in the moving parts and that the ventilation grill on the motor is clear. The collection unit on the side of the saw should also be emptied on a regular basis. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage or damage of parts and any other condition which may affect the operation or safety of the tool. If damage is found and if in warranty please contact our customer service team for required replacement parts. *Whenever undertaking any maintenance or cleaning ensure the saw is disconnected from the power source. **Service or maintainance performed by unqualified personnel could result in a risk of injury and will invalidate your warranty.


Does the motor adapt to the load placed upon it, or does it try to cut through everything at the same speed... or does the operator have some kind of additional control, trigger pressure, etc?

A. The RAGE Saw has been developed to run at the optimum speed for cutting steel, aluminium and wood. It uses a patented technology which combines the blade design gearbox and motor. Rest assured as can be seen in the product videos section Evolution RAGE saws do exactly what they say on the box.

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