Stainless Steel Capable Blades

Stainless Steel is the generic name given to a range of alloyed steels which are composed of steel, chromium and other materials. All Stainless Steels are extremely hard and notoriously difficult to cut.

Background Information

Stainless Steel was developed / discovered (reputably by accident) by Henry Brearly in Sheffield in the early part of the C20th. He was trying to develop a hard wearing resistant steel suitable for the gun barrels of naval battleships.

Evolution Stainless Blades

Evolution Stainless Capable Blades will cut Stainless Steel. Because of the extremely hard nature of all Stainless Steels, any cutting blade will suffer from a high attrition rate and should be regarded as a disposable item.

Performance and longevity of any Stainless Steel cutting blade will be directly related to the type of Stainless Steel being cut and the skill of the operator. The operator should allow the blade to do the work and not try to force the blade into the material by using excessive pressure. Gently does it is best!

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