What will the Diamond Blade cut when fitted into an Evolution Mitre Saw?

• These are 'Dry Cut Blades'. No lubricant is required or should be used with these blades.

• The Evolution Diamond Cutting Blade will cut most ceramic and porcelain floor, wall and roofing tiles.

• It will also cut slate, marble, limestone and natural stone tiles.


What will the Diamond Blade cut when fitted into an Evolution Circular Saw (Hand Held) or an Evolution Cut Off Saw?

When fitted into a Circular Saw (Hand Held), or a Cut Off Saw, brick, paving and stone can be cut.


Will the Evolution Diamond Blade cut glazed ceramic kitchen/bathroom tiles?

Yes the Evolution Diamond Blade will cut glazed ceramic tiles. If it is used for this application we recommend that the blade is fitted into an Evolution Mitre Saw and:

• The glazed side of the tile be carefully marked out using a tile scriber.

• The blade is carefully aligned so that the kerf of the blade (the slot that the blade cuts) is along the scribed line and to the waste side.

This will help to prevent the glazed surface of the tile from chipping and splintering along the cut.

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