FURY5-S255mm TCT Multipurpose Table Saw


255mm TCT Multipurpose Table Saw

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Available at all good retailers.

  • Multipurpose Cutting Technology
  • 1500W Powerful Hi-Torque Motor
  • 85mm Depth of Cut
  • Fast & Easy Blade Change
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty

Utilising patented Evolution multipurpose cutting technology. The FURY5-S table saw is optimised to cut mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, even wood with embedded nails and plastic with a single blade! No blade changes = Hassle free, fast & easy work!

It is safer, faster and more economical than abrasive metal cutting saws - when cutting mild steel the saw produces no heat, no burrs and virtually no sparks. The cuts are clean and cool to touch, creating an instant workable finish.

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  • UK 230v: 056-0001

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Multipurpose cutting


Utilising patented professional RAGE® technology; easily cuts steel, aluminium, wood (even wood with nails) and plastic, using just one blade!
Virtually no sparks


When cutting steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks - unlike alternative methods (shown above).
Adjustable settings


The multipurpose blade can be tilted left for bevel cutting up to 45˚. Plus the height of the blade is easily adjusted to achieve a cutting depth of up to 85mm through wood.
Assisted accuracy


Featuring a quick clamp, parallel rip fence with measuring rail guide for accurate and assisted rip cutting. A push stick is also provided for safer operation when cutting smaller off cuts.
Mitre angle cutting


0˚ - 60˚ mitre gauge with anti-vibration clamp device which safely and securely minimises movement in material when cutting at a desired angle.
Dust extraction


Before cutting wood a vacuum hose (not included) can be connected to the dust extraction port; reducing sawdust build up around the blade area. Providing a safer, cleaner working environment.
Type of Cut  
Wood Rip/Cross Cut (0°) 85mm
Wood Bevel Cut (45°) 65mm
Rip Capacities
Right Of The Blade 410mm
Cutting Steel
Mild Steel Plate - Max Thickness 3mm
Motor (230-240V ~ 50 Hz) 1500W s6 40%
Speed No Load 3250min-1 / rpm
Riving Knife Thickness 1.8mm
Weight 23kg
Overall table size 938 x 642mm
  255mm Multipurpose Blade
  Instruction Manual
  Blade Guard with Extraction Port
  Dust Extraction Hose
  Mitre Gauge
  Anti-Bounce Device
  Adjustable Rip Fence
  Push Stick
  2x Blade Changing Spanners

255mm Diamond Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
255mm 6150 min-1 25.4mm 2.4mm 0

255mm Wood Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: Teeth:
255mm 3250 min-1 25.4mm 2mm 40

255mm Multipurpose TCT Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: Teeth:
255mm 3250 min-1 25.4mm 2mm 24


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