Blacktip Blades

• Blacktip Blades are available in a variety of overall diameters, but all blades have a 30mm central bore.

• Blacktip Blades are primarily designed for cutting wood, but will cut wood that contains embedded nails within it.

• Included with each Blacktip Blade are three (3) reducing rings.

• These reducing rings enable the user to reduce the diameter of the central bore in the blade from 30 mm to 25mm, 20 mm or 16 mm depending upon the reducing ring selected.

• This enables a Blacktip Blade to be fitted to virtually any circular saw with a machine arbor of 16mm, 20mm, 25mm or 30mm.

• These blades will NOT FIT Evolution machines as these have a 25.4mm (1") motor arbor.

• The selected reducing ring must be precisely fitted in accordance with the instructions provided with the blade, and once fitted should never be removed.

• When any reducing ring is fitted to a Blacktip Blade it is important to check the diameter of the blade flanges on the recipient machine.

• The blade flanges on the recipient machine must be at least 40 mm.

• 40mm flanges will enable the correct clamping pressure to be exerted on the installed Blacktip blade. Smaller diameter flanges could be dangerous.

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