RAGE5-S255mm TCT Multipurpose Table Saw


255mm TCT Multipurpose Table Saw

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Available at all good retailers.

  • Multipurpose Cutting Technology
  • 1800W Powerful Hi-Torque Motor
  • 83mm Depth of Cut
  • Fast & Easy Blade Change
  • Available in 110v & 230v
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty

The most versatile professional quality table saw available. The RAGE5-S will easily cut steel, aluminium, wood & plastic, using just one blade.
Excellent at ripping thin stock, making accurate cross cuts & handling sheet goods. Features include a high quality quick-clamp mitre guide & rip fence for maximum cutting stability, precise blade height and angle adjustment with a sliding carriage, which provides an extremely secure & smooth cutting motion.

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Product IDs:

  • UK 230v: 057-0001
  • UK 110v: 057-0002

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Powerful hi-torque motor


Available in
110v and 230v
Clear & precise angle settings


For mitre
& bevel cutting
Adjustable blade height


For cutting a
variety of materials
Up to 83mm depth of cut through wood


Through wood
Sliding table and anti vibration device


& anti-vibration
650mm rip capacity to the right


With table fully extended
Folding stand included


For easy
Built in wheels


For easy
Dust extraction


1.8m hose
Safe on/off switch


Type of Cut  
Wood Rip/Cross Cut (0°) 83mm
Wood Bevel Cut (45°) 58mm
Rip Capacities
Left Of The Blade 305mm
Right Of The Blade 650mm
Cutting Steel
Mild Steel Plate - Max Thickness 6mm
Motor (230-240V ~ 50 Hz) 1800W S6
Motor (110V ~ 50 Hz) 1600W
Speed No Load 2750min-1 / rpm
Cable Length 1.5m
Riving Knife Thickness 1.8mm
Weight 28.5kg
Dimensions With Leg Assembly (H x W x L) 1050 x 750 x 940mm
Dimensions Without Leg Assembly (H x W x L) 880 x 730 x 330mm
  255mm Multipurpose Blade
  Instruction Manual
  Blade Guard with Extraction Port
  Dust Extraction Hose
  Mitre Gauge
  Anti-Bounce Device
  Adjustable Rip Fence
  Push Stick
  2x Blade Changing Spanners

255mm Diamond Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
255mm 6150 min-1 25.4mm 2.4mm 0

255mm Wood Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: Teeth:
255mm 3250 min-1 25.4mm 2mm 40

255mm Multi-Material TCT Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: Teeth:
255mm 3250 min-1 25.4mm 2mm 28

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What materials can this saw cut?
When fitted with an Evolution 210mm Multipurpose TCT blade this machine can be used to cut: Wood, Wood derived products (MDF, Chipboard, Plywood, Blockboard, Hardboard etc), Wood with embedded nails,  50mm mild steel box section with 4mm wall at HB 200-220, 6mm mild steel plate at HB 200-220, Copper, Plastic and many more materials. Note: Wood containing non galvanised nails or screws, with care, can be safely cut.  Note: For cutting stainless steel we recommend Evolution dedicated stainless steel blades. Please read all safety warnings and instructions in the operators manual included with the machine. 
Watch a video on how to safely cut steel with this saw here.
Where is the serial number located?
The serial number can be found on the motor housing of the machine. 
Evolution R210CMS serial number location.
Where is the batch code for my machine?
The batch code is the first part of the serial number, found on the motor housing of the machine. Evolution serial numbers begin with the abbreviation of the machine followed by a letter. A = January, B = February and so on. The following 2 numbers are the year of manufacture. 09 = 2009, 10 = 2010, etc.
(Example of batch code: R210CMS-L15…)
How should I cut bowed material safely?
Before cutting any workpiece, check to see if it is bowed. If it is bowed the workpiece must be positioned and cut as shown. Do not position the workpiece incorrectly or cut the workpiece without the support of the fence. 
Evolution R210CMS bowed material cutting.
How do I safely cut steel?
Watch a video on how to safely cut steel with this saw here.
Can a dust bag be fitted to this machine?
A dust bag can be fitted to the extraction port at the rear of the machine. Note: Do not attach the dust bag when cutting metal. The dust bag is for use when cutting wooden materials only. A dust extraction / vacuum hose can also be fitted. The dust port diameter is 35mm.
What are the main differences between RAGE and FURY Machines?
RAGE machines are optimised for the professional / serious DIY user. They are well specified machines with a wide range of operational features and are designed and engineered for sustained and regular use. RAGE blades are optimised for higher performance, last-longer and have more teeth for a cleaner cut. They also are capable of cutting more Steel before a replacement is required.
How do i adjust the cutting head angle?
Several checks/adjustments are possible on this machine. The operator will require a 45°/45°/90° set square (not supplied) to carry out these checks and adjustments.  For full instructions on how to make the adjustment, please refer to the operators manual supplied with the machine or click here to view the R210CMS manual online.
How do I remove and install a new blade?
Only carry out this operation with the machine disconnected from the mains supply. For full instructions on how to replace the blade, please refer to the operators manual supplied with the machine or click here to view the R210CMS manual online.


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