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3 Year Limited Warranty

Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw with 4 Multipurpose Bi-Metal Blades

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£XX.XX £99.98
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Please note: If you require goods shipping outside UK mainland, please contact Evolution before placing your order.
  • The heavy-duty RAGE8 cuts metal conduit, copper pipe and PVC tubing, as well as wood, nail-embedded wood and plasterboard.
  • The high-powered, high-speed RAGE8 is the ideal saw used by demolition and construction workers, fitters and emergency crews.
  • Flush cutting is only possible when using the highly flexible bi-metal blades supplied. These allow you to cut-off unwanted protruding material such as redundant joists, brackets and pipes very close to a surface, for an amazing flush-finish.
  • The RAGE8 is work-saving and perfect for plunge cuts on soft building materials such as plasterboard, where electrical socket holes are required - time to drop the tedious hammer and chisel method!
  • Adjustable metal pivot plate is large and stable. It allows the possibility to adjust the angle of sawing in order to achieve optimum cutting efficiency and minimise vibration, blade jumping and/or breakage.
  • The RAGE8 delivers a variable 800-2400 strokes per minute and a 28mm (1-1/16”) stroke length for making fast, efficient cuts
  • Four blades engineered for different materials are supplied as thin steel, multipurpose for demolition work, green wood for tree-limb cutting and a clean-wood cutting blade for smooth cuts.
Where To Buy
Product ID's: (110V) 045-0001 , (230V) 045-0002

Tech Spec & Items Supplied

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Motor (110V 50Hz): 1050 W
Motor (240V 50Hz): 1050 W
Speed No Load: 3700 rpm
Variable Speed (Strokes Per Minute) 800 - 2400spm
Stroke Length 28mm
Mild Steel (Max. Thickness) 20mm
Wood (Max Thickness) 230mm
Plastic (Max Thickness) 150mm
Multipurpose Blade Pack 2
(Includes 1 x Thin Steel & 1 x Multipurpose Blade)
Wood Cutting Blade Pack 2
(Includes 1 x Green Wood & 1 x General Wood Blade)
Instruction Manual
Hex Key (Work-piece Contact Plate Adjustment)
Carry Case
Product Weight: 3.7kg
Sound Pressure Level LPA: 91.4dB(A)
K=3 dB(A)
Sound Power Level LWA: 102.4dB(A)
K=3 dB(A)
Vibration Level (Under Load) - Main Handle 10.357m/s2 K = 1.5m/s2
Vibration Level (Under Load) - Auxiliary Handle 10.612m/s2 K = 1.5m/s2
Wood Hardwood & tanalised decking, MDF laminates, mouldings, reclaimed wood with nails, scaffold boards & poles, stud-work.
Ferrous Metal Mild Steel, angled, box section, square tube, metal stud dry walling, rebar, RSJs, plate (1/4 inch), unistrut.
Non-Ferrous Metal Aluminium, armoured cables, cable tray, copper, floor edgings, roof flashings, stair nosings.
Plastic Electrical conduit, plastic pipes, plexiglas, rubber & reinforced hoses, (WPC) Wood Plastic Composites.
Not Recommended Hardened high carbon, coated and stainless steel.
Note: Cutting galvanised steel may reduce blade life.

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