NEW 255mm

sliding mitre saw.


New & improved bigger cutting & mitre capacity*

* Compared to its predecessor the RAGE3.

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80 x 300mm cross cut capacity.

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2000W Powerful
Hi-Torque Motor.

110v & 220-240V.

Effortless cutting through 6mm wall mild steel & 6mm plate. Available in 110v & 220-240v.

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One Saw,
One Blade;
Cuts All.*

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Multi-material cutting technology incorporated into a finely tuned sliding mitre saw.
Getting the job done for a nation of professionals.

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* Excludes hardened high carbon, coated & stainless steel.


R255SMS255mm TCT Multi-Material Cutting Sliding Mitre Saw


255mm TCT Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw

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Multi-Material cutting technology

Utilising patented Evolution RAGE® multi-material cutting technology. This sliding mitre saw is optimised to cut mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, even wood with embedded nails and plastic with a single blade. No blade changes = Faster work!


  • Clean & consistent smooth cuts. Cuts to within +/- 0.5˚
  • 300mm x 80mm Cross Cut Capacity
  • 24 Tooth TCT blade with optimised gearbox ensures the best RPM for cutting steel* and wood with embedded nails.
  • Virtually no burrs on steel = instant workable finish.
    0° - 45° bevel & 50˚ - 50˚ miter.
  • Trim skirting boards, cornices, boards, decking and more up to 300mm x 80mm.
  • Wide base & rubber feet reduces vibration & increases precision.


  • 160 hour motor life**
  • Cut test endurance at 40,000 cuts.
  • Combined components improves durability and accuracy.
  • Precision component machining to deliver consistent cutting accuracy.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.


  • 2000W Hi-Torque Motor.
  • Ambidextrous, ergonomic, horizontal trigger with comfortable grip = combats repetitive strain.
  • Hi-torque gearbox & blade system, increases motor & blade-life.
Evolution saws have an optimised gearbox and motor combination that gives you more torque and the perfect speed for cutting a variety of materials with the same blade. The Evolution saws’ lower RPM develops extra torque needed to cut steel and other materials safely and cleanly without burrs, heat, and virtually no sparks when used with an Evolution multipurpose blade.

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Product ID:

  • UK 230v: 052-0001
  • UK 110v: 052-0002
* Excludes hardened high carbon, coated & stainless steel.
Cross Cut


300mm x 80mm
Mitre Cut


210mm x 80mm
Bevel Cut


300mm x 45mm
Compound Cut


210mm x 45mm
Laser Assisted Accuracy

Laser Assisted Accuracy

Quick Click Mitre Angle Positions

Quick Click
Mitre Stops

(Left - Right) 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°
Bevel / Tilt Functionality

Bevel / Tilt Functionality

(Left) 0° - 45°
Ambidextrous Handle

Ambidextrous Handle

Left & right hand use
Built-In Tool Storage

Built-In Tool Storage

Adjustable Depth Stop

Depth Stop

Perfect for trench cutting
Built-in Cable Storage

2m Power Cable

With built-in cable storage
Optional Diamond Blade

Optional Diamond Blade

Cuts brick, stone & more
Powerful Motor

1500w motor

And hi-torque gearbox
Virtually No Sparks

no sparks

When cutting steel
Rear Dust Port

Rear dust port

Cuts 6mm Steel

Cuts 6mm
mild steel

Diamond Blade Sold separately.
Type of Cut Max Width Max Depth
Cross Cut (0° x 0°) 300mm 80mm
Bevel Cut (0° x 45°) 300mm 45mm
Mitre Cut (45° x 0°) 210mm 80mm
Compound Cut (45° x 45°) 210mm 45mm
Cutting Steel
Mild Steel Plate - Max Thickness 6mm
Mild Steel Box Section - Max Wall Thickness 3mm
Motor (220-240V ~ 50 Hz) 2000W
Motor (110V ~ 50 Hz) 1600W
Speed No Load 2500min-1 / rpm
Weight 15.3 kg
Dust Port Diameter 35mm
Cable Length 2m
Max. Mitre (Left - Right) 50° - 50°
Max. Bevel (Left) 0° - 45°
Assembled Tool Dimensions (Cutting Head Down) (H x W x L) 360 x 705 x 730mm
Packaging Dimensions (H x W x L) 365 x 565 x 520mm
Laser Assisted Accuracy

255mm Multi-Material Blade

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Top Clamp

R255SMS Workpiece Top Clamp

On board Tool Storage

Dual End 4mm & 6mm Allen Key

255mm Diamond Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
255mm 6150 min-1 25.4mm 2.4mm 0

255mm Wood Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: Teeth:
255mm 3250 min-1 25.4mm 2mm 40

255mm Multi-Material TCT Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: Teeth:
255mm 3250 min-1 25.4mm 2mm 28

Mitre Saw Stand

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R210SMS 210mm Dust Bag

Dust Bag

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R255SMS Front Clamp

Front Clamp

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FAQs & Answers.

Click on the question to see the answer.
Who is this saw for?
This saw is suitable for all trades including general contractors, metal workers, joiners, plumbers, electricians, gardeners & landscapers, roofers, fabricators, dry liners, HVAC workers, makers/upcyclers, engineers, farmers, and builders.
How does the saw work?
A hi-torque gearbox and blade system, increases motor and blade life. An optimum RPM ‘chips’ away at metals to reduce chatter and wear which provides you a superior cut on any type of material. This displaces heat, unlike abrasion cutting, leaving a clean cut ready for you to work.
Where is the saw made?
The R255SMS was designed and engineered in the ‘Steel City’, Sheffield, UK. The blade is produce in Japan from premium steel. The saw is assembled in PRC passing stringent CE and TUV quality controls.
Does the saw come with a blade in the price?
Yes, a 255mm Multi-Material cutting TCT blade is supplied with the saw. Additional blades can be purchased online or in-store.
How do I keep the blade teeth from clogging?
Disconnect the power tool from the power source. Such preventative safety measures reduce the risk of starting the power tool accidentally. A little wax or WD40 can stop the metal shards clogging between the blade teeth. We recommended regular checks between uses to brush away any metal shards to ensure optimum cutting performance.
What are the saw’s cutting capacities?
The cutting capacities are: 300 x 80mm cross cut, 300 x 45mm bevel cut at 45˚, 210 x 80mm mitre cut at 45˚ left or right and 210 x 45mm compound cut.
What materials can the saw cut?
The saw will cut mild steel plate, square tube, angle iron, cast-iron pipe, flat bar, rebar, c-channels, aluminium, copper, strutting, armoured cable, cable tray, unistrut, wood, wood with embedded nails, wood based materials such MDF, chipboard and OSB, wood-plastic composite (WPC) and plastic.
We do not recommend cutting hardened high carbon, coated and stainless steels with this saw. If you require to cut these materials, please refer to the Evolution Steel range.
When fitted with the Evolution diamond blade the saw can cut stone, concrete and brick.
What happens if I cut through mild steel plate thicker than stated in the manual?
We do not recommend this as it will reduce blade-life. Please refer to the Evolution Steel range.
What is the correct cutting technique?
Don’t push down like a hot saw/abrasive wheel or fibre disc (which cut on speed/friction) as this will reduce blade-life and damage the teeth. Evolution saws spin at a reduced optimum RPM with hi-torque.
Barely push down and let the blade do the work chipping at the material. The weight of your hand is all you need.
Start up at full rpm and go all the way through and then back out the other side. Doing this each cut, you will have no issues when cutting mild steel.
Watch a video on how to safely cut steel here.
Will the saw bevel both ways?
The R255SMS will bevel 45˚ to the left only.
What is included with the saw?
255mm Multipurpose Carbide-tipped blade, top clamp, dual ended Allen key, and Instruction Manual.
What is covered by the 3 year warranty?
For full warranty terms and conditions please visit the Evolution warranty page.
Where is the serial number located?
The serial number can be found on the motor housing of the machine. 
Evolution R210SMS serial number location.
Where is the batch code for my machine?
The batch code is the first part of the serial number, found on the motor housing of the machine. Evolution serial numbers begin with the abbreviation of the machine followed by a letter. A = January, B = February and so on. The following 2 numbers are the year of manufacture. 16 = 2016, 17 = 2017, etc.
(Example of batch code: R255SMS-A18…)
What do I do if my machine needs servicing?
Having a power tool go down can feel like hitting a wall, so we appreciate how important it is to get yours fixed fast! Contact the Evolution customer service team here or by calling 0114 251 1022.
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How to assemble an Evolution mitre saw.

    Assembles in three easy steps.

  • Insert rails through the neck & lock in place with the slide locking knob.
  • Attach the head to the rails and fit the blade.
  • Insert the mitre locking knob, top clamp and attach the base side extensions.
  • You're ready to go.


  • Compared to the fully assembled 255mm sliding mitre saw packaging, the box size has decreased by 40%. This makes it easier to carry and fit in your car.


  • Less ships, planes & lorries needed to deliver the same amount of boxes. Less fuel consumption, less carbon footprint, more environmentally friendly.


Bringing innovation to the job site.

Bringing innovation to the job site.
  Evolution RAGE3


Discontinuation in 2018
Evolution R255SMS


New in 2018
Evolution RAGE3-S


Discontinuation in 2018
Evolution R210SMS+


New in 2018
Evolution RAGE3-S300


RRP: £179.99 £179.99 £199.99 £199.99 £329.99
Blade Size 255mm 255mm 255mm 255mm 255mm
Power 2000W 2000W 2000W 2000W 2000W
Max. Width Cut 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 320mm
Max. Depth Cut 75mm 80mm 75mm 80mm 80mm
Max. Bevel 0° - 45° 0° - 45° 0° - 45° 0° - 45° 45° - 45°
Max. Mitre 45° - 45° 50° - 50° 45° - 45° 50° - 50° 47° - 47°
Packaging Dimensions:
W x D x H
575 x 500 x 375 565 x 520 x 365 575 x 500 x 375 565 x 518 x 360 810 x 605 x 500
Blade Teeth 24T 24T 28T 28T 28T
3 Years Warranty
Multi-Material Cutting
110v & 230v
Single Bevel (0° - 45°)
Double Bevel (45° - 45°)
Laser Guide
Trench Cut Facility
Dust Bag
Dual Quick Release Clamps
Ambidextrous Handle
Integrated Carry Handles
Sliding Rail Protector
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