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The Evolution RAGE Multipurpose mitre saws allow you to switch to and from mitre and bevel cuts or combine them at any required angle to achieve the desired result.

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An innovative, multipurpose mitre saw range which cuts: Steel*, Aluminium, Wood with embedded nails & Plastics, all with a single RAGE blade, perfect for the construction site.

* Max Cutting Thickness (Steel): 6mm

From mitre and bevel cuts to compound cuts and crosscuts, a mitre saw is an essential addition to any construction site. Designed for the professional user, the RAGE mitre saws have a wide range of available options. As you explore the mitre saw range, consider your upcoming or potential projects and select a saw to suit your needs.

Features & Accessories

  • Bevel Capability:

    Compound Mitre Saws: RAGE3-B

    Tilt the blade to the side, to give you bevel cuts and turn the rotary table to give you mitre cuts.
    (Mitre + Bevel = Compound cuts).
  • Single-Bevel Compound Saws: RAGE3-S, RAGE3-S300, RAGE3.

    Tilt to one side. 0° - 45°.
  • Double-Bevel Saws: RAGE3-DB

    Tilt left and right, offering convenience and eliminating the need to flip large stock over.
    These are ideally suited for applications requiring you to cut large materials or make frequent bevel cuts.
  • Mitre Saw Stand:

    The Evolution Mitre Saw Stand features folding legs for enhanced portability and extension arms to support long workpieces up 3m in length.
  • Diamond Blade:

    Diamond Blades can be fitted to the RAGE3-S, RAGE3-S300, RAGE3 and RAGE3-DB.
    Cut Stone, Paving and Tiles.
  • Accessory Pack:

    Accessory packs are available in two sizes. One pack for the 210mm range and one pack for the 255mm range. Each pack contains: 2 x workpiece support extensions, repeat stop for faster repeat cuts (ideal for fencing projects etc), and a dust bag for a cleaner working environment. A front clamp for added work-piece security is also available separately.
  • Positive Mitre Stops:

    Positive Mitre stops on all RAGE mitre saw models making it fast and easy to adjust for the most common cutting angles. Positive stops include: 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° & 45° in both left and right directions. All models also allow you to set the rotary table at any angle between 45° right to 45° left.
  • Dust Extraction Port:

    A dust port allows you to connect a dust bag to your saw, so you can collect sawdust as you cut, keeping your workspace clean. It also allows connection of a commercial dust extraction machine.
  • Laser Guide:

    The RAGE3-S, RAGE3-S300, RAGE3 and RAGE3-DB mitre saws have a built in laser guide to allow the user to preview the path of the blade prior to making the cut, providing ultimate cutting accuracy.

Click the images below for more info.

  • 210mm Multipurpose Mitre Saws

    • R210CMS

      TCT Single Bevel Compound Mitre Saw
    • RAGE3-S

      TCT Multipurpose Single Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw
    • RAGE3-S300

      TCT Multipurpose Single Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw with 300mm Slide
  • 255mm Multipurpose Mitre Saws

    • RAGE3

      TCT Multipurpose Single Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw
    • RAGE3-DB

      TCT Multipurpose Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw

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