2 Year Limited Warranty
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Heat Gun With Variable Heat Control

  • Gives instantaneous heat ideal for Heat Shrink Tubing which is used to insulate wires offering abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints and terminals in electrical engineering. Perfect for electricians!
  • Key features include a clear, easy-to-understand digital display and an integral base stand for ‘hands free’ use. With an incredible temperature range of 50 - 630ºC, the Evolution Heat Gun is suited to jobs aplenty.
  • Supplied with 12 months warranty, carry case, four nozzles and a scraper - this multipurpose tool will not be found wanting.
  • Reducer Nozzle - Ideal when you need to apply heat to a specific area. Glass Protector Nozzle.
  • Perfect for stripping, ensures direct heat is kept off window frames.
  • Wraps around a metal pipe to distribute the heat evenly around the pipe surface.
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Product ID's: (110V) 071-0002, (230V) 071-0001

Tech Spec & Items Supplied

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Motor (240V 50Hz): 2000 W
Air temperature range (at nozzle) 50 – 630ºC
Airflow speed 120-550 Ltr/min
Weight 0.8kg
Sound Pressure Level LPA: 75dB(A)
K=3 dB(A)
Sound Power Level LWA: 88dB(A)
K=3 dB(A)

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